Do you have a business or startup? Want to tap into the Business Bootcamp Podcast audience?
We accept show sponsors that meet the following requirements:

1.) We can give a heart-felt rave review about your company because you truly are unique and offer an incredible amount of value to entrepreneurs and business owners

THAT'S IT! (you would be surprised, half of the companies that want to sponsor the show don't qualify)

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TOPTAL: Toptal is a top-tier talent finding company that will help you find the best programmers, designers, or developers for your team. Unlike other freelancing options, the freelancers are vetted and only 3% are chosen from the applicants. Only the best of the best reside at Toptal! You can hire by the hour and thereby hire someone part time, full time, or for a small project. If you need an app designed, a back end site created, or your User Interface improved, you'll want to check out

FRESHBOOKS: Mike McDermott, the CEO of Freshbooks wrote a special book for us on how to charge what you are really worth and its FREE to download "Breaking the Time Barrier"
FreshBooks is offering a month of unrestricted use to all of our listeners ­ totally free right now.... and you don’t need a credit card for the trial. 
To claim your free month go to and type in Business Bootcamp Podcast in the "How did you hear about us?" question.

LANDSCAPE BUSINESS COURSE: Mike also runs this platform. It is a step-by-step course on how to start and grow a landscaping business to 100K in revenue per month. Go to and sign up for a FREE live webinar with Mike and get all your questions answered in-person on the webinar.

Gusto is a full-service payroll and benefits software system for small businesses. Forget the expensive accountant or outsourcing HR (the most important aspect of your company). For just $39 you can get payroll automated and stop spending hours every pay period figuring out taxes, benefits, and time-off. Get THREE free month of service by going to

Vast Conference is the highest quality conference calling service for small businesses. outlines many of the highlights of the software, including screen-sharing, instant conference calls, and up to hundreds of users can access the conference call with operator assisted events. Start your 30-day free trial today.

Finagraph first developed the Finagraph Dashboard to provide an easy way for accountants to generate business intelligence reports for their clients.  While developing the Finagraph Dashboard, we worked directly with lenders, accountants and small businesses across the country.  We heard firsthand from small businesses that they desperately wanted to get more insights on their own businesses, but existing tools were too time consuming, too complex, and too costly.     Get a 14-Day FREE TRIAL and use "bootcamp" promo code to save $5/month!