2 Facebook Ads Strategies for Small Businesses - Ep.140

If you are not advertising on Facebook there is a 99% chance you are missing out. In my opinion, you would be missing out on the most powerful (and under-priced) lead generation tool in this (2017) world! Try these two Facebook campaign strategies to increase sales and generate revenue. Small print: these are not super advanced techniques or tricks but are many times overlooked by small business owners. Small print: I know these aren't necessarily the best tactics for brand building, but when it comes to growing your bottom line, these are your go-to strategies


Let's look at this example from the point of a landscaper trying to grow their business:


Strategy #1.) Take Your Competitors Customers (Warm Leads)

You're like: "Whhhaaaat!?!?!" Yes, the thing you have always wanted to do=) Facebook allows you to target the users that have liked the Facebook Pages of your competitors in your market. The people that Like these pages are potential/current/past customers of your competitors and have expressed their need for landscaping (or at least their interest in the service). Perhaps they have used your competitor but have become dissatisfied, or perhaps you could add more value at a better price. 


This group of people are WARM leads because they have a need for your services, but may not have heard of or dealt with your business directly.


Strategy #2.) Upsell Past/Current Client Database (Hot Leads)

Facebook allows you to import your customer email database. Facebook then scans those email addresses to see if any Facebook accounts are linked with them. Then you can target your ads directly to those customers only. For instance, (in landscaping) a company might have 2000-3000 email address of current and past clientele, or just people they gave an estimate to but never performed work for. This is powerful! Being able to advertise to people that have already done business with you at some level makes your conversion ratio go up tremendously!


Think of the opportunity to upset past installation customers on continuing maintenance... or marketing to past clients that haven't bought from you in several months/years. These are people that have shaken your hand, called you on the phone, received work from you, and know the quality standards of your business... assuming your quality and professionalism is something to be proud of, this makes these leads HOT!




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