How to Double Your Income in 2017 - Episode #138

Here are the 5 things that will help you DOUBLE your personal and/or business income in 2017


1.) Hire Someone to do EVERYTHING in Your Business Besides Sales


You've gotta focus on the key drivers of growth and the #1 item you must pay attention to is sales and revenue generation. Yes, payroll, expense tracking, web design, office organization etc are all important but having a clean desk or perfectly design Profit/Loss Statement won't double your business in one year. Outsource clerical/admin tasks or hire someone to do them for you.


2.) Call Your 10 Dream Clients/Customers


Which companies or persons would blow your business up if they became paying customers? Write them down -- call them. Better yet, walk into their office and show them you mean business about doing business with them


3.) Track Your Time and Work 8% More Per Day


8% is just 2 hours per day. That might mean cutting out some TV time or mindlessly fingering through magazines or watching sports highlights on YouTube, but the results of this ultra productivity will pay big dividends -- not just financial ones either. Get your focus on time, it' the one thing you got!


4.) Cut Your Monthly Expenses by 25%


That might mean selling the big house in the nice neighborhood or downsizing from the Mercedes E-Class to a Honda Accord. Or it might just mean not eating out and going to the movies 3-4 times/week. Decrease your expenses, limit you junk, live a more fulfilling life.


5.) Know You Numbers and Set Bench Marks


If you want to go from $30K / year to $60K per year you will need to increase your income by $2500 per month. Set benchmarks. In the next 6 months you need to increase your monthly income by $1250. Seem hard? That just means you need to make $42 more each day. Know your numbers, break it down, set benchmarks.



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    A immaculate work region or perfectly configuration declaration won't double your commerce in one year

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